Decisions, a conversation

MAN: You look worried.
WOMAN: I am.
M: It’s just a decision. We have to make hundreds of decisions every day, nothing new.
W: What, like whether to have soup or pasta for dinner?
M: Just like that.
W: This is a bit different, though.
M: Is it?
W: It’s a life-changing decision.
M: Every decision is, potentially, life-changing. And every decision is potentially insignificant.
W: But this could make the difference between being happy or miserable.
M: Just like everything else. It’s just a decision. Oh, look. Primroses.
W: They’re gentians.
M: I like primroses.
W: I do, too, but those are gentians.
M: And daisies, down there. Or are those, I don’t know, daffodils?
W: No, those are daisies.
M: I like them. I like it here. I feel like I can think clearly.
W: That’s why I came, I suppose.
M: That’s why we came. Have you made your decision yet?
W: What if I end up regretting it? I’ve been talking to people…
M: Always a mistake.
W: … and I feel like I should be a grown up about it.
M: Another mistake.
W: I wish I knew what the right decision was.
M: But you see, is there really a right decision? Truth is, we feel like we’re in control, but we are not. We expect our legs to work when we get up, or the light to go on when we switch it on, but those are just assumptions. I can see it clearly.
W: What?
M: Our proportion. How small we are. How little control we have. How one day everything we expect may stop happening.
W: What does that have to do with anything?
M: You don’t control your future. Not really. Let’s assume that a right decision does exist. Let’s say decision A leads to outcome X, and decision B leads to outcome Y.
W: Too many letters.
M: And let’s say X is much much better than Y. Then decision A would have been the right one, right?
W: I suppose.
M: But we’ll never know the outcome of the decision we never made. We can make assumptions, again, but we’ll never know.
W: That’s terrifying.
M. I find it comforting.
W: They say the universe is beige.
M: Do they?
W: I read it somewhere. A bit disappointing, eh? Infinite beige.
M: Like your wardrobe.
W: (laughs) I like to think it’s black and blue and sparkly.
M: (Covering his eye with his hand) I do, too.

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