My week, a list

(I do love lists. Especially random ones that don’t really make much sense).

Food crush: Waffles and moule frites in Brussels. Need I say more?


Those strawberries were utter perfection. Sweet and soft and zesty. And oh so red. Extra whipped cream on the side, of course, because.


Also, having Indian delivered home from my favourite Indian in Swansea. Warm, soft naan, creamy and rich butter sauce dripping in the brown paper bag, fragrant and steamy pilau rice… I ate it watching silly YouTube videos with a cup of licorice and peppermint tea. Perfect.

Book/TV crush: I’m reading The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden. It’s a fast-paced, witty and dry novel about so many things (among others: South Africa, Sweden, Apartheid, monarchy, nuclear bombs, the entangled lives of dozens of strangers) but still manages to be a deeply human story.

All my shows are on hiatus at the moment, so I did what I always do when I’m bored: watched my favourite films, again, with hundreds of cups of tea and chocolate I stole from my flatmate (thank you, Ella, for the Lindt Bunny). Safety Not Guaranteed is a gem, a quirky, special little thing about faith, blind believes and perspectives, with an amazing soundtrack.

Also: the view from my office is pretty amazing… when it doesn’t rain, that is.



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